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The Scanabissi - "The snake killer"


Scanabissi is a frame builder whose talent has been discovered only recently.
He has always had an exceptional ability to mount high-quality groupsets on the frames of his bikes.

The name Scanabissi is curious and fascinating. In the dialect of northern Italy, it means the snake killer.

There are not many frames build by Scanabissi because the frame builder seems to have welded them all himself: this is another element that distinguishes them and makes these bikes unique and carefully crafted down to the smallest detail.

And to add to their prestige, there is also the use of the renowned Columbus Air tubes*.

This bike equipped with Columbus Air tubes is quite interesting because it retains its original livery. Both the engraving on the stem and frame, are a distinctive feature of the bike and make it a truly unique piece.


*Columbus Air tubes

Columbus Air tubes were introduced in 1980. They were the manufacturer’s initial attempt at an aerodynamic tube set. The initial version used a teardrop-shaped down tube, seat tube and seat stay, in conjunction with an oval top tube and chainstays and a round head tube.
Later versions had teardrop shaped chainstays. The tube set was designed primarily for time trials and aerodynamic efficiency. Therefore, it is not practical to compare it directly to other round Columbus tube sets. Due to the teardrop shapes, the resulting frames weighed more than SL but had less strength. The rear triangles, in particular, had a reputation for being whippy due to the thin seat stays. However, this was considered acceptable given the intended TT use and aerodynamic advantages. Of particular note, the seat tube came in two versions. One with a standard round top end to accept a regular seat post and another which carried the teardrop section right to the top, requiring a teardrop section seatpost.



(1) (2) Details of our Scanabissi



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