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Somec vintage steel bike frame builder

Quality and originality

SOMEC (Società Meccanica) was founded in 1973 in Conselice, near Ravenna, by mechanic Oliviero Gallegati, Pierino Scarponi and Giuliano Montanari.

The company manufactured excellent custom road bicycles exclusively for the cyclists in the area. But with the increased participation in international fairs, many foreign customers were fascinated by the high-level craftsmanship offered by the company's artisans, and SOMEC started selling bikes also abroad.

The method for construction in the '70s was brazing Columbus tubes with Castolin.

Quality and innovation were the distinctive features of SOMEC frames, as well as the originality of the livery drawings and pantographs. Maestro Mario Marini, one of the most talented frame painters between the '70s and the '90s, hand-painted all the frames, making every and each of them unique. 


In the late '70s, SOMEC was the first company to weld the seat stays directly in the saddle screw connections. Up until then, they were welded lower in the seat tube. This innovation maintained unchanged the frame rigidity and represented for a long time one of the distinctive features of SOMEC frame.

The company also invented the jumper for the rear brake connection, with the particular arched shape following the line of the clamp. In 1986/87 it was the first company to create the cables passage inside the steering tube.

Those innovations were not patented though, and other manufacturers have adopted them as well.

The frames produced in the '80s and '90s were approximately 1900 annually, for a total amount of 25,000 to the present day. 




The company emblem

Gallegati chose two symbols to identify their brand: the tulip and the Prancing Horse. The tulip as the symbol of elegance and colour, and the Prancing Horse as the symbol of the famous aviator Francesco Baracca (1888-1918) who had it painted on the fuselage of his fighter plane. 

The Prancing Horse is also the emblem of the prestigious Ferrari cars. After Baracca's death, his family donated it to Scuderia Ferrari. However, both Enzo Ferrari and Gallegati wanted to put it on their products, so they eventually decided to make a little change in the symbol. Ferrari would put the horse's tail up, SOMEC the tail down.




(1) Oliviero Gallegati

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  • Rachel Pousson

    Hi Frank – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Somec you show here: I wish it were my size. It’s the most beautiful bike I’ve ever seen. Hard to believe it is a bicycle and not a piece of jewelry.

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