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GIOS - Turin's Blue Bikes

A story of family, tradition and a deep love for bicycles; goes back to the company's foundation in 1948.

1931 - 1947

1931 - At the age of fifteen, the enterprising butcher Tolmino Gios loved bicycles so much that he decides to start racing, immediately achieving surprising results.

1936 - The first great triumph. He won in the prestigious "King's Cup", with an incredible average speed of 42km per hour. Gios was immediately called up by the national team for the Berlin Olympics the same year.


1948 - 1970

Gios spent the years of the war as a corporal in the Bersaglieri cycling squad. When the conflict ended, he returned to Turin and turned his passion for cycling into a real job.
In the workshop he opened in the city, the Velo-Club Gios was born, wherein the young Italo Zilioli showed up in 1958, and a year later became Italian champion riding a Gios bicycle.
By the end of the 1950s, many champions wanted their bikes, so the company expanded, and in a few years, they tripled its bike production.
At that point, the company became a true family passion. Gios' three sons, Alfredo, Adriano and Aldo, also began working with Gios; the first two in the administrative sector and the third in the bicycles' production and the research of ever more innovative products.


1971 - 1985

1971 - Gios opened up to the international market. It participated in important trade fairs and presented the Easy Rider model at the one in Milan.
The name came from the homonymous film, and it immediately attracted attention. Giorgio Perfetti, the owner of the confectionery company of the same name, was so impressed by the high quality of Gios bikes that he immediately ordered many and decided to create the professional team, Brooklyn. Gios soon became his official supplier of excellent racing bikes. Perfetti made only one request: that the bikes should match the colour of the cyclists' jerseys.
The iconic Gios Blue was born. In 1975, Aldo Gios also became the team's official mechanic, and from then on, a series of significant collaborations and great victories began.

1977 - After the Brooklyn team decided to retire from racing, after achieving great success, Gios continued to collaborate with other great teams: the Ljsboerke-Gios of Walter Godefroot and Didi Thurau, then the Vermeer-Thijs-Gios of Fons De Wolf with whom he reached the top of the international rankings.

1980 - The successes continued with innovations. Aldo Gios developed the first forkhead with a hollow in the upper part to reduce weight.

1981 - Aldo designed the first internal wire guide to the horizontal tube with watertight grommets.

1983 - Also designed the microfusion bottom bracket with a jumper incorporated in it, making the rear end more rigid.


1986 - 2009

1986 - Thanks to the continuous search for rigidity of the rear derailleur, Aldo also designed the GIOS compact dropout, the first adjustable and interchangeable dropout in the world. An amazing result.
In the decades that followed, Gios continued its quest for high quality and innovation. Many champions raced with Blu Made in Italy bicycles, achieving excellent results. Roberto Visentini, Stephen Roche, Andy Hanmpsten, Micael Pollentier, Laudelino Cubino, Fernando Escartin, Roberto Heras and Francisco Mancebo

2010 - today

After more than half a century in business, the third generation of Gios now works in the company. Despite the globalised world, the Gios family has decided to challenge the multinationals and keep the deep Italian tradition.
Thus, the new Volpiano Showroom becomes the only shop where you can buy Gios' bikes directly from the manufacturer, with great attention to the needs of each customer, starting from measurements up to the construction of the frame.

2013 - Gios celebrates 65 years of activity.

In recent years the company has invested heavily in research into new materials such as Carbon, Titanium and Aluminium, without ever ceasing to study and perfect the traditional steel frame, a timeless symbol of Italian frame making.
And still today, there is the same philosophy of the founder Tolmino Gios in the perfect details of each bike produced; to build high-quality frames in Italy and remain faithful to the Italian tradition, one of the most prestigious in the world.



(1) Tolmino Gios, 1938;
(2) Gios Torino Super Record;
(3) Team Brooklyn, 1975;
(4) Gios Vintage Pista;

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