Galmozzi - Master of custom road bikes manufacture


Francesco Galmozzi was one of the best, high-quality, small-production Italian frame builders.
He was a simple man, with a great sense of humour; even the famous head badge of his brand was a play on his name.
Gal= rooster, mozzi= hubs, hence the rooster perched on the hub.
In 1922 Galmozzi and Alfredo Focesi founded Gloria company in Milan. Galmozzi soon became the prime builder at the company, and one of the best builders in the Milan area. One of his finest works was the beautiful and elegant Garibaldina.
In 1926 he left Gloria to join Cicli Magri. He later acquired the company and founded his own brand: Ciclo Galmozzi.


He became one of the masters of modern racing bikes and his name was as respected as Cinelli's and Masi's for the quality of his frames, which were all handbuilt and customized for their riders' body measurements and racing needs.
Galmozzi was like a tailor that creates a suit that is made specifically for you. He chose lengths, heights and inclinations, depending on the road or track, pursuit and speed, and built frame that was perfect for you.
Galmozzi always worked in his little shop with a few workers in Via Melchiorre Gioia, in Milan. His clients were amateur cyclists, professional cyclists, bikes shops and cycling teams. He did not produce many bicycles, but they were all works of art and today they're much sought after by collectors worldwide, mostly American and Japanese.
His son Angelo joined the family business in 1959 and their workshop always attracted the finest Milanese racing cyclists.


One of the most famous Galmozzi frames was the Galmozzi Specialissima. Rik Van Looy rode it in 1961 and won the World Championship.
Very important was also his collaboration with the San Pellegrino team and his friendship with the legend of cycling Gino Bartali, who admired the Milanese frame builder and his work.
In 1957 the San Pellegrino team's bikes were produced by a mediocre company, so Bartali hired his friend, Galmozzi, who built the high-quality frames the team needed.
Galmozzi continued to build frames for the champion until the '60s.
Nowadays, there are almost no more skilled craftsmen like Francesco Galmozzi, who always built unique frames with care and passion. But this makes Galmozzi bikes even more precious for collectors who love high-quality products and admire the undisputed skills of the Italian frame builders.



(1) Galmozzi logo, late '60
(2) Galmozzi Super Competizione 1965
(3) Late '70 Galmozzi Super Competizione

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  • David Niewolski

    I enjoyed finding and reading this appreciation of Galmozzi cycle frames. I purchased a red and white frame from a bike shop in Toronto in 1970. In 1973, I visited Galmozzi’s shop in Milano. It was a very humble place, including a dirt floor, if my memory is to be trusted. By this later date, my new yellow Masi was ready at Velodromo Vigorelli and I was moving on, but I will never forget my first go fast Italian cycle frame.

  • Rachel Pousson

    Enjoyable article! Clever name, gal + mozzi! I wonder how available these frames are now? probably very hard to find . . . but I will look. Thanks, Frank!

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