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Giovanni Battaglin dedicated his life to cycling, starting as a professional cyclist and continuing as a framebuilder. In 1981 he went down in history as the only Italian cyclist who won the Giro D'Italia and the Vuelta a Espana in the same year. Only two other champions did it: Eddy Merckx in 1973 and Alberto Contador in 2008.



Battaglin the cyclist

During his professional career, Battaglin has achieved 84 victories, participating in 10 Tours of Italy, 5 Tour De France and 8 World Championships.

1972 - He won the Giro d'Italia for amateurs and the following year he made his professional debut with the Jollyceramica Team in his first official Giro d'Italia. He got on the podium, in third place behind Eddy Merckx and Felice Gimondi.

1974 - Battaglin won the Giro dell'Appennino and in 1976 he won a stage at the Tour de France.

1978 - He moved to the Fiorella Team and won three consecutive stages of the Tour de Suisse in the same year.

1979 - Battaglin moved to the Inoxpran Team and won the climbers' standings at the Tour de France, where he finished sixth. In the same year, he also participated in the World Championships in Valkenburg with the Italian national team. He was among the four finalists, but he fell off the bike and lost the podium.

1981 - This is the year Battaglin achieved his greatest victory, winning both the Vuelta a Espana and the Giro D'Italia. After that, he did not achieve any more significant victories and in 1984 he retired from professional cycling and started his new successful career as a framebuilder.


Battaglin Cicli

In 1978 the first invention. While Battaglin was still racing as a professional cyclist he invented the triple chainset, made for a stage in a race that involved a very steep climb. Later, the triple chainset was copied and reproduced by all the major companies.

1981 - Battaglin founded the company Battaglin Cicli, setting up a workshop in Marostica to build racing bikes. Battaglin always took part personally in the development of the new products. The first models, the Giro and the Vuelta, were named after Battaglin's two greatest victories and were both hugely successful when they were presented at the Cycle and Motorcycle Show.

1982 - While he was racing for the Carrera Team and personally producing its official bicycles, Battaglin also made the Piranha, one of the first bicycles with both frame and wheel in carbon fiber. Roberto Visentini was supposed to use it in the Giro d'Italia time trial, but the Piranha was so advanced and its performance was so high, that the Giro judges disqualified it from the race, as it would have given Visentini too much advantage. The excellence of this model though only increased Battaglin's popularity.

Many professional cyclists started achieving victories on Battaglin bikes and the major Italian brands wanted to sponsor them. The most spectacular result was achieved by Stephen Roche, who became only the second rider after Eddy Merckx to complete cycling's triple crown, winning in 1987, the Giro d'Italia, the Tour de France and the World Championship.



Battaglin produced thousands of steel racing bicycles, and also experimented with new materials such as aluminium and carbon, which would soon replace steel in the cycling industry.

2014 - While the major brands in the cycling industry moved their production to South East Asia, Battaglin not only maintained his business in Italy but also decided to dust off the old machines and equipment still present in his factory and returned to use steel for the production of the frames.

This is how the new Officina Battaglin brand was born, to create a new generation of 100% Italian steel frames.



(1) Giovanni Battaglin
(2) Stephen Roche on a Battaglin bike

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    I have a Battaglin 1984 Replica frame set in my collection. Was this sold built with Campagnolo, Shimano or Suntour components?
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